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An interstate move crosses any state line within the United States.  We can move you anywhere.  If you’re moving within Florida, you need information on Local Moves or Flat Rate Florida Moves

A Long Distance Move is any move starting or ending anywhere outside of the Florida Keys but staying within the Continental United States.  The cost of a Flat Rate Move depends on the distance you are moving and how much you are moving.  Our estimator will take a look at what you are moving and will calculate a FLAT RATE cost.
No surprises, no extra costs.

Here are a few factors that may affect your moving costs:

  • How far are you moving?

  • How much are you moving?

  • Will you pack yourself or would you like us to pack for you?

  • What are the specifics of the origination and destination locations? Are there any obstacles that keep the door of the truck away from the door of your new or old home? This includes things like flights of stairs, elevators, and long carries. Most moving companies are going to charge you for these. If you accurately describe your destination at the time of your estimate…We will not charge you any extra fees.

  • Will you need a Shuttle? If our truck is too large to access your current or new home, we may need to use a smaller truck to “shuttle” the goods to our larger truck. We will let you know that cost of this ahead of time.

  • Need a place to store you things before you move in to your new home? Ask us about our storage facility Big Pine Storage.

  • Will you choose any additional valuation? DRN Moving does not sell insurance but we do include minimal coverage with every move. You might already be covered under your homeowner’s insurance. If not, we recommend that you purchase additional valuation through us. Insurance is also available through outside sources such as

On a tight budget? We can load a rental truck (we prefer Penske…) for you. Our estimator will help you determine what truck size you need and our office will get you set up with a discounted Penske truck rental quote.

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