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Moving with Children

Moving to a new community can be one of the most stress-producing experiences a family faces. Frequent moves or even a single move can be especially hard on children and adolescents.

To make the move easier on children, parents may take these steps:

  • Explain clearly to the children why the move is necessary.

  • Familiarize the children as much as possible with the new area with maps, photographs or the daily newspaper.

  • Describe advantages of the new location that the child might appreciate such as a lake, mountain or an amusement park.

  • After the move, get involved with the children in activities of the local church or synagogue, PTA, scouts, YMCA, etc.

  • Let children participate in designing or furnishing their room.

  • Help children keep in touch with friends from the previous neighborhood through telephone, letters, e-mail, and personal visits.

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