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Pianos & Fine Art

Not everything will fit into a cardboard box. And some things just don’t belong in a cardboard box.
Over the past years, DRN Moving has moved countless pianos, paintings, sculptures and priceless works of art. We often start with building solid custom crates to provide the highest level of security and safety. And that’s why most of the finest art galleries and art collectors in Key West trust us to move them.

We are the mover that’s called when Tennessee William’s Fine Art Center or The Florida Keys Concert Association needs their piano moved. And we’ve helped Wyland Galleries, Archeo Galleries and countless others in the Keys. Our expertise is in moving irreplaceable one of a kind items, and items requiring extra special care.


We are happy to work with you to fit your moving budget.

We can explain every detail that goes into determining the cost of your move. When we say no hidden charges, we mean it

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